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 With the ever-growing change in trends and technology, Sparkling Planet is able to deliver high quality premium products to our customers by going through the practice of innovative, creative and continuous R&D to further improve our products. Besides that , all our products are both Halal and HACCP certified as we give the highest priority to ensure our products are save to consumed and available to everyone.

Professional Solutions to your problem

Customization of services

We are able to provide and accommodate services that will compliment your company’s requirement by managing the manufacturing of private label sparkling drinks. As we positioned our products as festive drinks for all occasions, 0.0% alcohol free and low in calories, we are proud to say that you can drink and drive safe after every party.

Professional services and competitive advantages

We trade internationally through a network of professional distributors and retailers that are active in ASEAN market such as Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar and of course Malaysia. These products are also distributed and available in both modern and general trade segments which give you more reason in choosing us.

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